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(Hodgson, 1839). Triviala namn. himalajanmyskikauris (finska); Alpine Musk Deer (engelska). Identifierare. http://​tun.fi/MX.47462. 17 okt.

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bild. Myskhjortar – Wikipedia. (Musk deer). Moschus spp.* (II) -104. (Musk deer). Cervidae. Axis porcinus annamiticus.

In fact, if you ge According to Habitat Tracker from Florida State University, young deer are referred to as fawns.

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The largest patch of continuous suitable habitat is 522 km 2, or almost 40% of the total area of suitable habitat, and overlaps western Nuristan, east Laghman and west Kunar (). 2014-01-21 Musk is the dried secretion of the musk pod (sac) of adult male musk deer, and has been used as perfume and traditional medicine for thousands of years. Steroid was regarded as 1 of the most important active compounds in musk. In order to protect the wild musk deer, musk deer … Musk Deer.

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Musk deer

The musk deer is Musk deer have a preference for easily digestible nutritious foods that are both rich in protein and low in fibre. During periods of winter, musk deer can survive in even poorer food quality ranging in foods that are low in proteins but are high in energy and can be easily digested. Characteristics. White-bellied musk deer are very well adapted for high altitudes; they demonstrate such adaptations as well-developed dew claws, broad toes that provide increased stability on steep slopes, and a dense coat of coarse hairs with air-filled cells to insulate against the extreme temperature.

Musk deer

The Himalayan musk deer does not undertake any seasonal migrations, remaining in the same area year-round despite harsh weather conditions. A shy animal, the musk deer depends on its sense of hearing to locate sources of danger. When frightened, they make broad leaps, each measuring up to 6 meters / 19 feet in length.
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Musk deer

(monodon), a mollusc and a musk deer; below, a small warbler (whitethroat), two fish, a sea serpent, a conger eel, two molluscs (murices) and a mureana. blue sheep (Pseudouis nayaur), musk deer (Moshcus chrysogaster), Himalayan black bear, marmot red panda (Ailurus fulgens),Bengal tigers, yak , raven, fox,  Mockup with pattern Koala Bear. FossanFossan patterns and illustrations · Musk deer forest by Fossan Illustration, Mönster, Möbler, Design, Heminredning. Dulux Australia Musk Deer / A56 / #7e5a58 Hexfärgkod. #7e5a58 Paint Chip Hexdecimalsfärgkoden #7e5a58 är en nyans i röd.

They spend their winters in the steep mountain slopes of  (talk | contribs), {{Information |Description ={{en|1=Siberian Musk Deer in the taiga}} |Source ={{own}} |Author =ErikAdamsson |Date =2011-02-21 |Permission   Did you know that some deer come equipped with honest-to-goodness, real-life fangs? Musk and water deer, commonly lumped together as “fanged” or  Himalayan Musk Deer. (Moschus leucogaster) divider. Population Trend: Decreasing. IUCN Status: Endangered. Himalayan Musk Deer map.
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Chandrashila; 4. Ukhimath; 5. Kanchula Korak Musk Deer Sanctuary; 6. Moschus. Substantiv. musk deer. Synonymer.

The dream of a mate sustains the lonely musk deer as it searches out scraps of lichen and moss among cold, barren roots. Zoologist respects this majestic creature, masterfully recreating the distinctive scent though a mixture of synthetic musks and natural oud and florals.
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Against the Grain: Trade in Musk Deer Products in Singapore and

Factory Material Movements. Pekka Forsman,. Jussi Kivelä,. Depictions of animals were a popular motif throughout the activity of the WerkstatteLäs mer Hagenauer. This deer was designed around 1950 and impresses the  23 juli 2013 — och +1 Awe om bredvid a Plant. Myskhjort med Kraftfull Rov- eller Exotisk Aspekt. MUSKDEER.png Musk Deer, Myskhjort, 1, 2 Food , 1 Wealth  Men Premium Cotton musk deer vintage Print Tees Funny Harajuku Style Combed Cotton Tshirt · Men Premium Cotton squirrel with acorn Print Tees Funny  Ivalo: Önskar du ett mängderbjudande?